The Greek Diaspora Project

Our project explores the relationship between Greece and its diaspora in the current context of economic crisis and beyond. It investigates how the Greek diaspora can affect Greece's political and economic transformation and explores ways for the Greek state, economy and society to interact with its diaspora. This project is designed to reach wide audiences in the scholarly and policy communities.

The Diaspora and Pandemic Blog

The Diaspora and Pandemic Blog at SEESOX hosts contributions from scholars and analysts, exploring the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the homeland-diaspora relationships in Greece and beyond.

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The Greek Diaspora map

The Digital map is a dynamic tool that records and depicts the presence of Greek diasporic organisations worldwide and provides a platform for communication and interaction for global Hellenism.

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Greeks in the UK

A research on the socio-economic and political profile of the Greek Diaspora in the UK assessing the willingness and ability of UK Greeks to contribute to Greece at times of crisis.

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SEESOX Diaspora briefs

The Greek Diaspora Project hosts research briefs and opinion pieces, serving as a forum for debate on contemporary issues concerning the Greek diaspora.

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