Anastasia Kafe is a Research Associate at the Greek Diaspora Project in SEESOX. She obtained her PhD in Political Science from Panteion University and holds an MA in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Athens. She has teaching experience in Electoral Sociology, Political Theory and Political Analysis at the Department of Political Science and History.

She has research experience in data management for research infrastructures, in political radicalism and xenophobia. She has worked as a researcher in the research program CESSDA/So.Da.Net - European Strategy Forum for Research Infrastructures, in the THALIS project (EU Framework Program) - “Designing & Operating an Infrastructure for the Empirical Inquiry of Political & Social Radicalism in Greece”, in the Aristeia II-CAICG project “Collective Action of Indignant Citizens in Greece: causes, content, agency, and implications for policy maker” and in the project "Examining xenophobia in Greece during the economic crisis: A computational perspective", funded by European Economic Area Financial Mechanism.

Her research interests lie on mixed methods, the study of electoral behaviour, the implications of economic voting, the discourse and strategy of extreme right parties with a special focus on anti-immigrant behaviour and xenophobic attitudes.