June 2021

Homeland crisis, party politics and the Greek diaspora vote

By Dr. Othon Anastasakis and Dr. Foteini Kalantzi

August 2019

Political advocacy along ethnic and national lines

By Dr. Athanasios Grammenos

July 2019

Social protection and the Greek Diaspora

By Prof. Platon Tinios

April 2019

Diaspora philanthropy and volunteerism as a contestable process

By Antonis Kamaras and Marilena Anastasopoulou

March 2019

From open markets, to Russian products stores, to “big business”

By Dr. Kataiftsis Dimitris and Dr. Grigorakis Anastasios

The SEESOX Diaspora Working Papers series is a forum for research and debate about migration and diaspora in Greece, the Southeast Europe and beyond. It involves academic and policy relevant research and provides quick-turnaround publication of research papers, theoretical discussions and policy papers by scholars whose research focuses on diaspora issues. The proposed working papers must contain original, unpublished research in progress.

Paper submissions

To submit a paper, you may send a manuscript of 5000 to 10,000 words (including footnotes but excluding references) to seesoxdiaspora@sant.ox.ac.uk. Your paper should be compiled in the following order: title page; abstract; keywords; main text; acknowledgments (if applicable); references; appendices (as appropriate);

Title page Abstract and keywords

The title page should include the full title of the paper, the full names of authors, their affiliations, and their email addresses. Use bold for your title, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.

The next page should contain an unstructured abstract of 200 words and up to 5 keywords.

Style Guidelines

  • Please use the APA Citation format and the British (-ise) spelling style consistently throughout your manuscript.
  • Main text: the main text should be on Calibri font, size 12, justified alignment, 2,5cm margins, 1.15 spaced. You should use indentation to indicate a new paragraph (press the ‘tab’ button once).
  • Headings: The system of headings and sub-headings should be kept as simple as possible. Please indicate the level of the section headings in your paper as follows: main headings should be in bold with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns and sub headings should be in italics, with an initial capital letter for any proper nouns.
  • Numbers: use words for numbers up to and including ten and numerals for 11 upwards. Insert a comma for thousands and tens of thousands, e.g. ‘1,000’ and ‘10,000’ and use million or billion for large numbers rather than many zeros, to follow numerals
  • Figures and tables: figures and tables may be either in the text, or on a separate page in the Appendix. These must be high quality (600 dpi for grayscale and 300 dpi for colour), placed within the paper’s margins and supplied in JPEG. Each figure and table should be preceded by a caption
  • Quotation marks: please use single quotation marks for quotes. For quotes within quotes use double quotation marks.
  • Longer quotes: display quotations in excess of 40 words as indented paragraphs (indented from both sides). There should be a line above and below the extract and there should be no quotation marks
  • Footnotes: to include additional relevant information please use Footnotes and not endnotes. Try to keep footnotes to a minimum.
  • References: all references should be listed on a separate page at the end of the paper.