The Greek Diaspora Project team of the South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX) and the Bodossaki Foundation have set up a Commission on Greek Diaspora Philanthropy.

Information about the research

The objective of the Commission is to integrate the latest worldwide research on diaspora philanthropy with the experience of leading institutions active in philanthropy in Greece, and to create a community of stakeholders.

Our research framework covers institutions in the following categories:

  1. Greek philanthropic organisations of either diaspora or home origin
  2. US non-profits with a long-standing presence in Greece with a strong relationship with the Greek diaspora
  3. Greek state organisations and non-profits which have developed or wish to develop, a diaspora-centric fundraising strategy
  4. Greek diaspora non-profit organisations which fundraise within their community in support of causes and organisations in Greece
  5. Greek ministries interested in diaspora philanthropy.

The Commission will extend invitations to institutions and organisations belonging in the above categories and they will be asked to share their unique insight and experience. This will give the Commission the chance to learn and distil the main practices and lessons that can be derived from their activity. The end product will be a report which will highlight the successes of diaspora philanthropy in Greece, without overlooking the barriers limiting its activities. The report will also put forward practical recommendations and list the necessary conditions for their implementation.

The Commission’s ultimate goal is to encourage the creation of a community of stakeholders, more aware of their respective activities and strategies, and to facilitate a greater understanding of their collective experience.


Working paper: Diaspora philanthropy and volunteerism as a contestable process: Tracing connections and disconnections between diaspora and homeland in the Greek education sector



Marilena Anastasopoulou

Onassis Research Fellow

Antonis Kamaras

Coordinator in Greece