Julie A. Panagiotopoulou is a professor at the Department of Education and Social Sciences at the University of Cologne and a member of the Section Board of Intercultural and International Comparative Education (SIIVE) of the German Educational Research Association (GERA/DGfE). Her research focuses on educational professionalism in migration societies, language policy and multilingualism in families, day-care centres and schools, social inequalities and transnational biographies of children and adolescents. She is co-editor of the book series "Inclusion and Education in Migration Societies" (Springer), which publishes German- and English-language interdisciplinary research on migration studies. Within this framework, she co-edited the anthology "'New' Migration of Families from Greece to Europe and Canada - a 'New' Challenge for Education?“, which deals with migration processes from Greece after the financial crisis. She studied Linguistics at the University of Athens and did her PhD in Educational Sciences at the University of Cologne with the support of an IKY scholarship. She was a postdoc at the Universities of Siegen and Frankfurt and then a professor at the University of Koblenz before taking up her current professorship at the University of Cologne.