Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos is Founder and Creative Director of New Diaspora, a digital storytelling platform about the new generation of Greeks living abroad. Having obtained a BA(Hons) degree on Film, Video & Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster (UK), Nikolaos returned to Athens in 1993, where he worked as a director and assistant director in TV advertising for about a decade. Over the last 20 years, he has been teaching film making to adolescents, and also directing documentaries and promotional videos (both in Greece and the Netherlands, where he spent five years working as a freelancer). His filmography includes 11 mini web documentaries for New Diaspora and ARTE Future (2013-18), numerous TV documentaries commissioned by ERT (2002-2009), as well as a fiction short film (Camouflage, 1999). Nikolaos is also experienced in script writing, blogging, online communication strategy, graphic design and digital art. His research interests relate to the Greek ‘brain drain’ phenomenon during the crisis years, focusing on ways to empower Greek ‘neomigrants’ and facilitate their global networking efforts on a professional and academic level.