New Collaboration: SEESOX - diaNEOsis

Posted on 24 October 2022

SEESOX and diaNEOsis have started a new collaboration, conducting a nationwide representative survey on the Greek diaspora in Germany. Greece’s recent protracted economic crisis led to a resurgence of substantial emigration from the country. The combined effects of recession, austerity, and a generalized mistrust towards institutions and disillusionment from the political system drove approximately 500,000 Greek outside their country since 2010, making Greece one of the countries with the highest emigration rates in EU in that period. Germany emerged as the prime destination of this outflow. The research will take place in the context of the Greek Diaspora project, which explores the relationship between Greece and its diaspora in contemporary times. It investigates how the Greek diaspora can impact Greece's political and economic transformation and explores ways for the Greek state, economy and society to interact with its diaspora.

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