Presentation on the right of Greek citizens to vote abroad at the Hellenic Observatory, LSE

Posted on 16 March 2021

On the 16th March Othon Anastasakis and Foteini Kalantzi presented their work on the the right of Greek citizens to vote abroad at the Hellenic Observatory LSE. The event was chaired by Spyros Economides

The facilitation of the expat vote was a recurrent issue in the Greek parliamentary agenda. In 2019, the Greek Parliament voted by an overwhelming majority a long overdue law which allowed Greeks of the diaspora to vote from their place of residence. In this seminar Anastasakis and Kalantzi supported that the fact that this change took place 44 years after the right was first introduced in the Greek Constitution, is not a mere chronological coincidence, but had to do with a number of combined conjunctural factors that led to a breakthrough reform in homeland-diaspora political relations. By tracing the party-political and wider social mobilizational and discursive dynamics, in this seminar they focused at the micro foundations of policy change. They argued that the post-2009 Greek economic crisis with its rising levels of emigration and a new political class acted as catalysts in the redefinition of homeland diaspora political engagement. 


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