The Greek Diaspora Project issues its Report on Diaspora Philanthropy

Posted on 18 November 2019

The Greek Diaspora Project of the South East European Studies at Oxford (SEESOX) has issued the Report on Diaspora Philanthropy.

The objective of the Report on Diaspora Philanthropy has been to integrate the latest worldwide research on diaspora philanthropy with the actual experience of Greek diaspora and Greek transnational philanthropy  in Greece. The Report’s research framework covered institutions in the following categories:

1.       Greek philanthropic organisations of either Greek diaspora or Greek  transnational  origin

2.       US non-profits with a long-standing presence in Greece with a strong relationship with the Greek diaspora

3.       Greek state organisations and private non-profits which have developed, or could develop, a diaspora-centric fundraising strategy

The Report highlights the successes of diaspora philanthropy in Greece, without overlooking the barriers limiting its activities. It also puts forward practical recommendations, addressed to Greek diaspora and Greek transnational philanthropic foundations active in Greece, to the Greek state and local government as well as to Greek non-profits seeking to enlist the support of Greek diaspora and transnational philanthropy.

You can find the link to the Report here

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