Australia as an intercontinental traditional post-World War II Greek emigrant destination has attracted several thousands of new Greek emigrants fleeing the Greek economic crisis (2009-2016). These new Greek emigrants have included both Greek-Australian citizens and permanent residents who returned back to Australia, as well as Greek citizens. The differential Australian legal status of these two groups has meant that they have vastly different emigration and settlement experiences in Australia. Research on this phenomenon however is limited and of localised character, focusing at the peak of the Greek economic crisis (2010-2014), and its estimates on the number of Greek migrants in Australia are either limited or inaccurate. This paper aims to partly fill in the knowledge gap on the number and pattern of emigration of Greek citizens to Australia over the period 2010-2017. It does this primarily through an analysis of the types of Australian visas granted to them, and by discussing some of the key settlement challenges these emigrants had to face/are facing in Australia. This approach provides an updated and accurate nationwide picture of the emigration of Greek citizens in Australia, and a better sociological understanding of their experiences.


Australia, migration, Greeks, Greek crisis