As a complement to the survey, the aim is to provide qualitative data focusing on the issues of adjustment and identity maintenance in this city. We will be examining the importance of language, religion, regional origin and family ties. Methods include the classical anthropological approach of participant-observation, with ethnographic field work through personal involvement. We are also using internet sites such as Greeks in Oxford, and the Oxford University Greek Society to find the varied and numerous activities which are being organised [sports, films, music, talks].

We are interested in why Oxford is a preferred location. It clearly offers many opportunities for persons of differing levels of skills. Categories of interest include academics [senior grades, students], professionals [medical clinicians, researchers, dentists], those engaged in the service trades, and businesses such as catering. We will be aware of different reactions for gender and age groups among those who have come to Oxford in the post-crisis period.

In a second phase the research will be expanded in London area.

Renee Hirschon

Senior Research Associate

​Manolis Pratsinakis

Research Associate and former Deputy Project Manager

Iryna Lapshyna

Research Associate